A few snippets from Lindy Smith's Cake Jewellery Gems DVD. For more information or to buy your copy please visit http://www.lindyscakes.co.uk- Making sure that your cake reflects both fashion trends and your personal style can be expensive, so a simple solution is to do it yourself. Cake entrepreneur and leading sugarcraft author Lindy Smith knows that this task can sometimes be a little daunting so she's produced this step-by-step DVD to help and inspire you. Gems, sparkling crystals and beads are everywhere in fashion shops so why not incorporate them into your cake decoration as well? Whether you opt for a sparkling cake crown, luxurious jewelled cake band or eye catching fountain will depend on your style and personal taste. Lindys Cake Jewellery Gems DVD shows you how you can easily create a truly glamorous cake. "Initially, I was attracted to beaded decorations for cakes because they are so effective yet so easy to create. The best part, however, is that they can be made in advance so theres no last minute stress" explains Lindy Wedding planner Tammy Wilson of Magic Dust for Weddings adds, "With Lindys cakes, you just have to make them a central part of your celebration! Don't hide them away in a corner, let them hold court and wow your guests."