The Atlantis Stone

Recently I was introduced to the “newest” gemstone. A beautiful blue stone I had never seen before. Well it wasn’t new of course, no gemstone is new. The latest gemstone to be found in modern times by modern geologists is “Larimar” the ” Atlantis stone”, also known as the “Dolphin Stone”. It is only found in the Caribbean, natives have been using this stone down through the ages for healing, divination and decoration.

 Larimar stones

Larimar stones

It was first discovered by modern man in 1916, Father Loren of the Barahona Parish in the Dominican Republic requested permission to mine a certain blue rock he had discovered. His request was rejected because “pectolites” were not known in that end of the world.

Larimar is a pectolite which is composed mostly of acid silicate hydrate of calcium and sodium. Pectolite is found in many locations but no others have the distinct blue color of Larimar. That is a result of a copper substitution for calcium in this unique stone.

Next in 1974, Dominican Republic geologist Miquel Mendez rediscovered the stone, naming it after his daughter Larissa. He used the Spanish word for sea “mar”and formed Larimar. The stones he and his partner Norman Rilling found, had been washed into the sea by the Bahoruco River. When they searched up river they soon found the stones source and the Los Chapaderos mine was created.



The stone did not reach the USA until 1986 and is still fairly rare in gemstone listings.

Healing Qualities

Larimar is said to support and promote emotional strength, releasing stress and cooling tempers. It is also an antidote for hot flashes. Used in meditation it helps one release unhealthy bonds to negative people who do not hold your best interests. When placed throughout your home it creates a pleasant, quiet atmosphere.

In healing it is used for the throat, also to reduce fevers and draw out inflammation. When placed on a painful area it provides soothing relief. It stimulates the heart and higher chakras. A stone of love.

Larimar is called the Atlantis stone due to a declaration by an ancient prophet that Atlantis was once part of the Dominican Republic and what made Atlantis great was a beautiful, blue healing stone. The description of that stone has an uncanny resemblance to Larimar.

After seeing this stone for the first time I can believe it. I have never seen a more beautiful blue.

Polished Larimar

Polished Larimar

An interesting note about “Atlantis”  the lost continent.

Edgar Cayce, (March 18,1877 – January 3,1945)  One of the greatest clairvoyants the world has ever seen, predicted    that a “blue stone” with extraordinary healing attributes would be found on “an island in the Caribbean” where he believed part of Atlantis could be found. In 1974 a volcanic blue pectolite named Larimar was discovered in the Dominican Republic.  Read more about healing crystals and Atlantis here.

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Resources; “The Pocket Book Of Stones” Robert Simmons
“The Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals” by Cassandra Eason


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