Engagements and the idea of being given a engagement ring is one of the most important aspects of your life, this is why you should take the utmost care and attention to which ring you choose to give as a sign of your love, after all this is the most important gift your partner will ever receive.

Choosing the right ring can be one of the most stressful and timely parts of the marriage process. Presents and other things can come and go, but the ring stays on the finger of your partner with their wedding ring for the rest of their lives.

There are all different kinds of rings to choose from, different designs, different stones and different metals to choose from to make each ring that is given unique and special. You can choose from Gold, Platinum silver and White Gold rings whichever you choose you can be certain that your partner will be happy with their ring.

Generally diamonds are used within engagement rings as they are known to be one of the most precious and desired stones that are on the market. Diamonds have always been known to be a woman’s most desired parts of jewellery so having a diamond engagement ring will be the perfect addition to her collection, and she can show it off to any friends or relatives and they will be wowed at how good it looks and how much time and effort you have put into buying the ring.

Picking an engagement ring should take a lot of care and attention so when picking your ring for your partner, please take in consideration all of the things she loves and desires.

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Here we go again with purl, perl and pearl.
Purl – a backward knit stitch
Perl – a computer  programming language
Pearl – the Queen of jewels, and what this article is about.

No wonder English is a hard language to learn.

Did you ever wonder how a Pearl is formed?  Most of us know that natural pearls are found in oysters.

Here’s this happy oyster swimming along the sea bottom when he brushes up against some organic matter that slips into his shell.  Much like getting a pebble in your shoe.  He tries his best to shake it off but it latches onto his inner shell and there it stays.

Now the oyster is very uncomfortable. ( bet you didn’t think mollusks had any feelings) To ease his discomfort, the oyster produces something called nacre and envelops the object in it.  Then as the oyster grows so does the pearl.  The nacre is what gives pearls their luster.

As wild oysters become rarer, so do natural pearls.   The solution to this are oyster farms, where farmers insert the organic matter into the oysters shell and so start the same progress as in the wild.   After several weeks the oysters are harvested and the pearls are gathered.

pearl in oyster

pearl in oyster

These pearls are called cultured pearls.  They are less expensive than natural pearls, but still expensive.

For mass markets, synthetic pearls are manufactured out of glass beads than covered with glossy ceramic.

Be very wary when purchasing pearls because they are very easy to imitate.
At the moment there is a shortage of natural pearls  which has made them very expensive.

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Sapphires: Stone of Magic – Stone of Mystery

Ruby:  Deep Red and Rare – more expensive than diamonds!

Sapphires and Rubies are the mineral corundum.  It comes in a variety of colors and is the hardest mineral next to diamonds.
Only the deep red corundum is called Ruby. All other colors are sapphires. They are: blue, pink, green, violet, yellow and colorless.  There are even some orange ones.

The most sought after  is the bright, cornflower blue, that comes from Sri Lanka.

Saphires from Montana

Saphires from Montana

Ancient Europeans considered the blue sapphire protection against evil and general misfortunes.  They were carried into battle as victory stones.

The Ruby had the same reputation.

Raw Rubies

Raw Rubies

However in India, sapphires were considered to either bring great wealth and success or great misfortunes.  This tended to off-set their popularity in that country.

The finest Rubies come from Burma. Lesser stones come from Thailand, Cambodia, Africa as well as Brazil and China.

Sapphires come from Australia, Cambodia, and even from the US state of Montana.  Some have been found in Northern Ontario, Canada.   But only in Sri Lanka and Cambodia will you find the cornflower blue.

IN 1947, the first synthetic sapphires were created. They are equal to the natural stones in the chemical make up. They are flawless. That is one of the only ways they can be detected.

Natural stones always have some defect. The synthetics are  less expensive and easily  come by.

Natural stones are prized for their beauty and the fact that they have never been touched by human influence. Being rare they are highly expensive, especially the ruby.

It is said that a person born in Taurus should wear SAPPHIRE BLUE to be protected from mental disorders and a Capricorn who wears RUBY will never know trouble. (Wish I had known that fact sooner, I am a Capricorn and could have really used that protection.)

I wonder if anyone has done a study on these superstitions…….



The Encyclopedia of Minerals and Gemstones,

Jewelry & Gems, The Buying Guide,  by Antoinette Matlins,

As well as:  http://www.gehnabazaar.com.

If you are looking for loose stones or unique jewelry pieces, go to :


For designer jewels visit:


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Karat is the Gold measurement. It is used to measure the purity of gold.

Carrots, of course, are bunny food and diet snacks.

Diamonds are weighed by the carat (ct)  One carrot weighs 200 milligrams or 1/2 gram.  This has been the weigh scale since 1913. Before that, the carat differed from country to country.  An older stone could weigh heavier than the modern weight.

Carat weight is often referred to as points. One carat = 100 pts.

A stone with 25 points = 1/4 carat.

This is weight not size.

Diamonds are priced by the carat and quality of the stone.  A very fine diamond weighing  1 carat would be much higher priced than one of poorer quality.

Another term used by jewelers is  “spread”  This refers to the  “look”  of the diamond.  A lot is determined by the cut of the jewel.

The way it is cut and set into a casing can make the stone appear much larger than it really is.

The carat weight is always determined before it is put in a setting. However some jewelers may price by the “look” of the stone.

To avoid this always by from reputable dealers.

When buying a very valuable diamond, you should always receive a certificate of worth.  You should also have it appraised by a certified gemologist.  Beware of scammers – even on New York’s famous 47th street.  Research and be knowledgeable.  take the time to get it right – after all a diamond last a lifetime.

For examples of settings and spread click here.

An excellent book for anyone thinking of purchasing precious stones is

“Jewelry and Gems” The Buying Guide – by Antoinette Matlins

Our resources: “Jewelry and Gems”  as well as Wikipedia, also” The Encyclopedia  of Gemstones and Minerals ” by Martin Holden.

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This is a place to learn all about precious gemstones.  Where they are found and how they are made.

Which are the most sought after and the most rare.

We will look into the history of many of the gems and discuss their origins, colors, folklore and why they are prized by Kings and commoners alike.

many colors of garnets

many colors of garnets

Gemstones come from all over the world.  Some have even been found in Meteorites. (special kind of peridot)  Very Rare!  Some can be hand picked in National Parks, in the USA, or in private mines that have opened to the public such as the one below in Ontario, Canada


Amethyst Mine Panarama, Thunder Bay,  Ontario, Canada

Amethyst Mine Panarama, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada


Remember, A gemstone, by it’s nature, is a  “Forever” gift.

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